What is Vitamin B2 and am I Deficient in It?

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is an essential vitamin that can be found in meats, plants used for food, dairy, and grain products. Your body needs riboflavin to easily breakdown food components, absorb other needed nutrients, and for proper maintenance of tissue.

Like most vitamins, Vitamin B2 is organic by nature. When a compound is said to be organic, it only means that it is present in living things and contains carbon and oxygen. It is a water soluble vitamin which must be replenished every day so that the body can get the ultimate benefits that riboflavin can give your body. The molecular representation of riboflavin is C17H20N4O6, and it was discovered in 1920.


Benefits of Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is a wonderful anti-aging benefit for your body as well. It plays an important role in metabolism and keeps your body full of energy, and it doesn’t stop there as it also helps you maintain that youthful glowing skin you long for.

Riboflavin is needed to metabolize fats, ketone bodies, carbohydrates, and proteins properly.

Having the correct daily dose of Vitamin B2 can help prevent:

Vitamin B2 Deficiency

Vitamin B2 Deficiency symptomsThere is a thing called Vitamin B2 deficiency you need to be aware of. Before your body suffers from the harm it can bring, it must be prevented from occurring. When your body is running low on riboflavin, the effects of having a Vitamin B2 deficiency is not far away. Your body might experience some irritating and unfavorable symptoms which include:

  1. light sensitivity or photo-sensitivity
  2. soreness or itching around the eye, lips, tongue and mouth area with a burning sensation
  3. sore throat
  4. peeling of the skin without any reasons
  5. cracking of the skin at the mouth’s corner
  6. reddening of the lips
  7. problems with the eyes such as cataracts
  8. skin inflammation or dermatitis
  9. cracked lips
  10. hair loss
  11. dizziness
  12. swelling
  13. trembling
  14. insomnia
  15. and delayed response or retardation in children

Absence of proper amounts of Vitamin B2 that lead to deficiency can affect the proper distribution of other B Vitamins in your body. If other B Vitamins are not be distributed properly, it could mean trouble for you.