Vitamin D Deficiency Problems Can Ruin Your Life

A deficiency of vitamin D is a true problem that will lead to issues such as

  • bone structure weakness
  • joint pain
  • and general fatigue

In elderly people this can easily lead to broken hips!

It can also lead to the development of:

  • hypertension
  • high levels of sugar in the blood
  • diabetes
  • and even heart disease

But you’ll be wrong if you think only elderly people are the only ones who can have problems with a deficiency of this vitamin. Children are also big candidates for problems, especially when they are small.

Children with vitamin D deficiency can develop bowed legs (rickets), and will increase the chance of suffering from obesity and diabetes in later stages of their lives. Parents are responsible for providing enough vitamin D.

The trouble these days is that children might spend a lot of the day sitting in front of the computer and TV screen without spending time outside. And then when outside, they do not receive enough sunlight because of the high amounts of sunscreen mothers use.

I have read countless articles on the importance of sunscreen and harmful effects of the Sun, but we need sunlight to be healthy!

With just 15 minutes a day of sunlight a day, we could be enjoying much better health, and we are talking about healthy sunlight without the use of sunscreen. Sure, we can get vitamin D through supplements, but they must be indicated by a professional, because we can get toxicity!

The thing is to go out there and get sunlight with moderation, and to get that sunlight naturally.

Doctors will prefer that you get the needed vitamins through natural ways. If we have a healthy diet and lifestyle that promotes exercises and spending time outside we won’t have to worry about vitamin problems in our lives.

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