Do You Take Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Recently, there has been a lot of hype around the use of prenatal vitamins for hair growth. Prenatal vitamins are given to pregnant women as a nutrient supplement and many believe that they also aid in healthy hair growth. There are many people who want to find out the answer as to whether or not these prenatal vitamins actually do help your hair grow.

It is rightly said, “Hair is a woman’s crowning glory” and losing excessive hair or even thinning of it can be a very disconcerting issue for women. Your hair, skin and nails too are among the first parts of your body that reflect the internal state of the health your body.

This might imply that untimely hair fallout manifests signs of hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition and/or illness. As the root cause of the problem of hair loss is the deficiencies or imbalances within your body, the solution for it focuses on ironing out these imbalances and deficiencies from within. Researchers have introduced many hair growth supplements that deal with these deficiencies inside your body, which in-turn helps in improving the overall health of your hair…

…that is, until prenatal vitamins came onto the scene. Let us explore whether there is any truth behind all this hype about prenatal vitamins and their role in promoting healthy hair growth in women.

What are Prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are specially-formulated multivitamins made for pregnant women to help them meet the high nutritional demands of pregnancy. Prenatal Vitamins provide essential nutrients that ensure the healthy development of the baby and also the general health of the pregnant woman.

Many women who have taken prenatal vitamins during pregnancy have reported improved hair growth and hair thickness. Prenatal vitamins are loaded with essential nutrients that help hair to grow, however this drastic change in hair growth pattern is not completely due to prenatal vitamins.

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Beautiful hair, Hair flick—Luciano Consolini (

According to studies, estrogen levels are significantly higher in pregnant women. This high level of estrogen boosts hair growth in pregnant women. Estrogen locks the hair in the growth phase, which allows it to grow much longer. The result is thick, shiny and healthy hair during pregnancy.